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Thorkild May

KROM CCO & Co Founder




Love talking to people thru dama, strangers, old homies and my team mate Iji, who doesn't really speak any english, Kendama connects people.

Turntables, lunar rovers and a lot of flow is my fave.


Got in to dama

I was chilling a camping chair with all of my high school homies, Philip among others, at Roskilde Festival 2009. Some dude was jamming and I was immediately intrigued to figure our what he was doing. He taught me some basics, i bought his spare ken and we all starting jamming some big cup small cup. We became good friends and hung out the whole festival and since then i've been jamming. That dude is Morten Lindberg and without him, KROM wouldn't have existed - can't thank you enough MPOP! 



Favorite kendamas

KROM x Beams O.K