TERRA Kendama The Pill - Cherry Deluxe Hardwood

TERRA Kendama The Pill - Cherry Deluxe Hardwood

75,00 kr

249,00 kr

Regular Pills are made from nice beech wood, but this sexy thing  of the upgraded series of hardwood Pills.

This full Cherry Deluxe wood Pill, which is super hard and with beautiful grain, are our favourite picks from the high end Pills. These beasts will last you a life time.

We think the added weight is great for Pill playability, but what do you think?

All Pills come with a spare string, bead, stickers and pocket-guide.

Wood: Purplheart
Size: Regular Pill

See the Pill in action right here:

*Please note that the grain structure for exotic wood species are different than the beech wood found in most Kendamas and Pills. Any wooden toy is expected to show wear after being played with. To keep your Pill in good condition, we suggest playing gently over softer surfaces like carpet or grass. The exotic woods can crack or chip easier than beech wood if dropped on a hard surface, so please play these beauties responsibly.